3D Printer up and running

My Solidoodle 3 arrived a week ago, and I’ve been having some fun.

The first hour:


There have been successes: (The first 48 hours)


And some failures: (PSA: Make a filament guide)


Once I wrap up some current projects, I hope to compose a very detailed post about the pros, cons, and what to expect from this 3D printer.

November 2013 – Update

Here’s a quick update on current happenings and projects:

  • Our new 3D printer is currently en route. Looks like it will arrive in a week.
  • I’m making new molds for the Skyward Sword hilt, and getting a set of blades machined with a CNC mill. These will be the best ones yet.
  • I’ve had a few requests for designing a scabbard for the Skyward Sword. Design work is 65% complete, materials have been ordered, and the first few will be ready this month.
  • I’ve been investigating aluminium casting, should have a set-up ready for Spring 2014.
  • Fellblade is coming along nicely. I hope to have one ready for the Child’s Play Charity Dinner and Auction.
  • I’ve sourced some references for the First Tsurugi and Dragon Dagger designs – really looking forward to these.
  • There’s also a super top secret project in the works. More news to follow.