Master Sword Variants – Information Page

UPDATE (January 2019):

If you are interested in any variant, please fill out the form.

Bronze Hilt + High Carbon Blade –$1675

Powder-coated cast bronze hilt and pommel. Gold-plated pewter gems and tongs. The full-tang, tempered, high-carbon blade is plenty sharp and combat-ready. Comes with antiques wax to help you keep the blade in pristine condition. Currently taking pre-orders for 2019 run.

Aluminum Hilt + Stainless Steel Blade –$1375

Aluminum hilt and stainless steel blade. This radiant blade doesn’t require as much attention and upkeep as the first, and the material is more readily sourced and doesn’t require heat treating, so has a shorter lead time. Aluminum is also significantly lighter than bronze, so is must easier to wield. Currently taking pre-orders for 2019 run.

All-Metal Hylian Shield –$1475

This Hylian Shield replica has a steel front face, cast aluminum perimeter and back, metal handles and a leather arm strap. The strap and handle is removable for easy wall mounting. At 20″ tall and over 10 lbs, you can specify for it to fit on your left or right arm. $200 discount when purchased with any of the above Master Sword replicas. Currently taking pre-orders for 2019 run.

Dark Link Master Sword –$975

Made with rough castings and featuring an onyx finish, choose either an aluminum hilt and stainless steel blade, or upgrade to cast bronze hilt and tempered high carbon blade (add $300).

DIY Master Sword Kit – $875

Choose this option if you’d like to finish and craft your own Master Sword. Contains either raw or partially finished castings from a past run, un-assembled, with instructions on how to finish. Aluminum and stainless steel, or cast bronze and tempered high carbon blade (add $300). Includes hilt and pommel castings *flaws and all*, and raw pewter castings, blade with engravings and machined edges, oak handles, handle wraps, orbital sandpaper rounds, epoxy, and e-mail support. Recommended for the courageous replica maker!

Optional: Add a Pedestal of Time –$250

Solid concrete, with a Triforce emblem on the front. The slot for the sword is lined with leather to protect and hold the blade in place. A steel gasket on the top gives it a clean look. $45 shipping to North America. Unable to ship elsewhere.

If you are interested in any variant or want more details, please send an e-mail to: with your specific request, or fill out the form.