Master Sword 2016 – Information Page

Here are details on all variants available in our 2016 Master Sword Run.

UPDATE (July 2018):

If you are interest in any variant, please send us an e-mail at

Bronze Hilt + High Carbon Blade –$1675

Powder-coated cast bronze hilt and pommel. Gold-plated pewter gems and tongs. The full-tang, high-carbon blade is plenty sharp and combat-ready. Comes with antiques wax to help you keep the blade in pristine condition.

Bronze Hilt + Stainless Steel Blade –$1275

The same as above but with a stainless steel blade. This radiant blade doesn’t require as much attention and upkeep as the first, and the material is more readily sourced and doesn’t require heat treating, so has a shorter lead time.

Resin Hilt + Stainless Steel Blade –$975

A display-only model with versatile styling options, including Twilight Princess variants with golden filigrees on the blade and a striking Dark Link model with distressed black hilt and blade, and silver gems. Choose between: Blue, Purple, or Dark and Twilight Princess or Skyward Sword. Made with lightweight resin castings and a stainless steel blade. Pictured Above: Blue Skyward Sword model with braided leather grip.


Pictured Above: Blue Skyward Sword, Dark Link’s Sword, Purple Twilight Princess.

DIY Resin + Stainless Steel Master Sword Kit – $750

For the hardcore prop makers out there, this DIY kit comes with raw, unfinished resin casings, a machined stainless steel blade, oak handle halves, handle wrapping material, assembly hardware, craft putty, epoxy, super glue, and instructions (including a leather braiding guide if you choose the leather option). Not for the feint of heart!

Optional: Add a Pedestal of Time –$250

Solid concrete, with a Triforce emblem on the front. The slot for the sword is lined with leather to protect and hold the sword in place. A steel gasket on the top gives it a clean look.