Fellblade: Step by step – Part 1

Guild Wars is a game that I’ve sunk an incredible number of hours into, and it still manages to hold my attention. I’ve decided to craft a realistic Fellblade Greatsword.


The Fellblade first appeared in the original Guild Wars, found as a rare drop only in the Underworld, Fissure of Woe, and other end-game areas. It has a distinct silhouette, and should be a relatively easy build.


In Guild Wars 2, the Fellblade is a reward you can unlock through achievements in the original Guild Wars. Also in Guild Wars 2, there is an Exotic, named weapon that shares it’s silhouette with the Fellblade, called “Lord Taeres’s Shadow”.


There are some design decisions I need to make to get this underway. The original Fellblade and this new Exotic Model are both considered one-handed swords, while the unlock-able GW2 Fellblade is a two-handed Greatsword. Also, all weapons scale in size depending on the character wielding it, from the three foot tall Asuran to the eight foot tall Norn and Charr.


First I have to decide on the model, and then the real-world size. In this case, functionality is the deciding factor.

The design will be based on the unlock-able GW2 model, but the size will be appropriate for an Asuran, while designed to be held with both hands.


I have some oak half-round made up for the handle. While this blade won’t be full-tang, the weld connecting the small guard, blade and handle core will be very strong. In this case, the blade will be 3/16″, and the guard and handle will be 3/8″ to help balance and give a the weld some geometry to attach to. Total weight will be over 9 lbs.

Getting the raw materials will be easy, but finishing up such large edges will be hard. I’ll want to invest in a new grinder, and the inside hook will be tricky, so I’ll want to develop a jig. Hopefully I can get this done this month!