Terms and Conditions

    • Prices are in US dollars, payment processed through PayPal.
    • Orders with a confirmed PayPal address are insured for total loss.
    • Please check your invoice for accuracy.¬†In an event of a discrepancy, the invoice will be deemed correct.
    • All orders cover the first $50 worth of shipping.¬†Overseas shipping usually totals between $100-$200.
    • Additional shipping costs will be added to your deposit amount.
    • Paying the deposit confirms your place in line, and the amount is deducted from the total price on your final invoice.
    • The deposit is approx 30-40% of your total order price, plus any additional shipping costs.
    • The deposit is transferable, but be advised that this deposit is not refundable, except at our own discretion when necessary.
    • The final invoice will be sent to you when your order is ready.
    • Brokerage and import duties may apply. Items ship from Ontario, Canada.
    • Orders in Canada will be invoiced in Canadian dollars, converted at daily rate, plus applicable GST / HST
    • Swords and replica swords may be prohibited in your country. Check your local laws.
    • As each replica is crafted by hand, items may not be exactly as shown.
    • Items are offered “as-is”, with a photo of your specific replica accompanying the final invoice.
    • Lead times can vary, current estimate is 4-6 months.
    • Delays will be communicated ASAP.
    • Orders ship when ready, after final invoice is paid.
  • After items have shipped, all sales are final.

Updated Jan 9, 2018

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