Desert Bus For Hope 2020 – FAQ

Heroic Replicas is proud to work alongside Desert Bus for Hope to help raise funds for Child’s Play Charity.

During Desert Bus for Hope 2020, a pair of our replicas will be offered as a giveaway raffle prize, and we are matching donations with discounts up to $100, if you’re interested in commissioning a replica from us.

If you donate a total of $100 or more over the duration of the event, you will receive a $100 discount on a number of select items. You can pick multiple items and you can receive a $100 discount on all that you pick, even if you only donated $100.

Shipping to US and Canada is included. Duties and Brokerage may apply. Items subject to availability. For Global Shipping on larger items, we’ll add $75 to $150, depending on the item. Current lead times are in the 4-6 month range, unless otherwise stated.

Click here for a gallery of what is available.


What can I use this discount on?

Anything on the list. Some items are limited in quantity.

Check out the gallery. Click here to see the whole portfolio.

I have a current order, can I participate?

If you have already put down a deposit, and you donate $100 to Desert Bus for Hope 2020, I’ll give you a $100 discount on your final invoice.

If I wanted to get a Master Sword, Hylian Shield and Pedestal, do I get three $100 discounts? And if I add on a Mermaid’s Pendant, do I get a fourth?

Yes and yes. For example, The Mermaid’s Pendant is $150, so a $100 discount makes it $50, and that includes worldwide shipping. If you order anything else, I’ll ship the Mermaid’s Pendant with that order.

So a heavily discounted Mermaid’s Pendant… what’s the catch?

Yup! I have a limited supply, but I can make more later and I really want anyone who wants one to get one. Anyone who orders anything else is guaranteed to get one.

Can I customize my replica?

Generally, yes. Each replica has a few options you can pick from (like Blue or Purple for the Master Sword) but the possibility of further customization depends on what you’re looking for. If it won’t delay other’s replicas, then we’ll probably do it.

How long is this offer good for?

You can claim the discount anytime in November 2020 by filling out the form. To redeem the discount, we’ll reply with a deposit invoice link, and you’ll need to have your deposit in before the end of December 2020.

Can I make payments? How does the deposit work?

The deposit is the first 50% of the total, plus any additional shipping. When your replica is done, I’ll send photos and the final invoice. Deposits are only refundable at our discretion, and sales are final after items are shipped.

Do you offer a sheath for the Master Sword?

No. I have no plans to make a sheath. I do have the pedestal available instead. A sheath is fairly ornate so it would be hard to keep the cost reasonable and impossible to add on for free. Also, storing a sword inside a sheath is not safe for blade maintenance. While a sheath is useful for protecting a sword from the elements, keeping a sword in a sheath may trap moisture and cause unintended damage.

What’s involved in blade maintenance?

Super easy; barely an inconvenience. Every six months or so, wipe down tempered blades with a clean cloth and buff in a very light coating of conservator’s wax (included with your replica). Also, wipe off any fingerprints that land on the blade right away. Stainless blades need less care, just wipe them down any time they are handled, no waxing required.

What are the lead times? How long will it take for me to receive my item?

Some items ship in a month or two, and others are still in development and will be ready next year. Here is the master list:

Items that may ship in 4-8 weeks:

  • Sword of Power – He-Man (includes two halves) – $1650
  • The Crissword – $975
  • Mermaid’s Pendant – $120
  • Concrete Pedestal – $295
  • Master Sword DIY Kit – Bronze Hilt, Tempered Blade – $1175

Items that ship in 4-6 months (Early 2021):

  • Master Sword – Bronze Hilt, Tempered Blade – $1675
  • Master Sword – Aluminum Hilt, Stainless Blade – $1375
  • Dark Link Sword – Bronze Hilt, Tempered Blade – $1375
  • Hylian Shield – Left Arm or Right Arm – $1475
  • Zora Electric Guitar – Guitar or Bass – $750

Items currently in development (Aiming to ship Mid 2021):

  • Evoker SEES Kit – Persona 3 – $1275
  • Goddess Sword – Skyward Sword – $1575
  • Gilded Sword – Majora’s Mask – $1750
  • Ike’s Sword: Ragnell – Fire Emblem – $1750
  • Buster Sword – Final Fantasy VII – $1950
  • Fierce Deity Sword – $1950

Click here for a gallery of what is available.