Portfolio Gallery

Here is a list of projects we’ve been working on, and some examples of how we can customize your replica.

Master Sword – Choose either Bronze Hilt with a Tempered High Carbon Blade, or Aluminum Hilt with a Stainless Steel Blade. Choose Purple or Blue; all are full-tang and plenty sharp, with machined bronze accents. Also, we have Dark Link variants and DIY kits available in Bronze/Carbon.

Hylian Shield – Steel front, and aluminum castings on the perimeter and back. Includes detachable handle and adjustable leather strap. You can choose for it to fit on a Left Arm or Right Arm.

Crissword – “Well excuuuuuse me! Princess.” From The Legend of Zelda animated series comes Link’s Crissword. Tempered carbon blade with a machined bronze hilt and handle. Leather grip, and resin gems.

Goddess Blade – Tempered carbon blade with a machined aluminum hilt. Leather grip, and the gem is blue resin on machined bronze.

Gilded Sword – A new design from Termina, features a golden plated Center stainless steel blade, tempered high carbon blade edges, an aluminum hilt and grip, and a pair golden plated gems.

Fierce Deity Sword – Just shy of 60″ overall, and constructed of over 15 lbs of solid aluminum, this replica is an incredible feat of artistry. Anodized in Light Green, Teal, and Dark Green, it matches its appearances in Majora’s Mask 3D and Hyrule Warriors, as well as the original comic-style concept art from Majora’s Mask 64.

Zora Electric Guitar – Choose a functional Six-string Electric Guitar, or Electric Bass. Ships with the neck detached. Includes wired internals, whammy bar, capo, picks, and strap.

Mermaid’s Pendant – Stardew Valley – Perfect for proposing marriage to the romanceable villager in your life! Includes a wooden case, made from an exotic seashell, attached to a 24” sterling silver chain. A real bargain!

Buster Sword – Cloud’s weapon of choice in Final Fantasy VII. Constructed of steel with an aluminum handle, wrapped in your choice of red, brown, or black. Weighs close to 50 lbs, approaching 60″ inches, and ships in a custom built wooden crate. Includes a set of five socketable Materia!

He-man’s Sword of Power – This sword is a full-size replica of the original mythical artefact of Grayskull, found with the original He-man and Skeletor action figures. Made of steel and aluminum, the two halves separate and recombine seamlessly with steel dowels and super strong magnets.

Ike’s Sword Ragnell – Fire Emblem – Another massive replica! This sword is a favourite of Ike, who wields it with one arm. Hilt, grip, and blade are crafted from aluminum, with some cast resin accents. The golden anodized blade is sure to impress – over 55″ overall.

Evoker – Persona 3 – This replica is planned as part of a full kit: Briefcase, arm sash, holster, belt, and the Evoker. Mostly made of machined aluminum and stainless steel. The grip is cast resin, with brass plate accents, a clear blue window with a light-up feature, and a functioning trigger mechanism. Does not fire projectiles. Does not summon your Persona to aid in vanquishing the Shadows of Tartarus. Does look cool.

Concrete Pedestal – Actual pedestal is not cake. This cake is a lie.