Desert Bus for Hope 2020 – Special Offer

Heroic Replicas has been a long time contributor to Child’s Play and Desert Bus, and is currently seeking and taking on new projects for 2021, including a short run of Master Sword and Hylian Shield replicas, provided that there is interest.

If you donate or have donated $100 or more during this year’s event, Heroic Replicas will bestow upon you a $100 discount to any finished replica that they currently offer, and that includes the Master Sword and Hylian Shield.

Desert Bus is an annual charity event benefiting Child’s Play Charity, where a team of friendly internet entertainers play a very boring video game, but keep the stream interesting with stories, skits, improv, music, and community!

You can visit the stream right here:

Desert Bus Begins Nov 13th, 10am PST and runs a whole week!

Have Questions: Click here for the FAQ!

Click here for a gallery of what we can make for you!

If you’d like to express interest in a replica, drop me a line.

Thanks for your support!